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GS-IS - Integrated Services


The group provides site, logistics and stores services.  




  • AS - Administrative Support (section leader: Jyri PAJUNEN)

In charge of providing administrative support to technical sections in order to enable the technical staff to concentrate on their main responsibility areas. The section’s tasks include:

  • Providing input and coordinating the discussions and decisions taken concerning the contract structure of the group, in collaboration with the section leaders, project engineers, and the Finance Department;
  • Coordinating the administrative tasks of the group related to the contracts, including organizing the specification meetings (as required) for the Market Surveys, Invitations to Tender, creating OSVC:s, etc., and following up on these issues;
  • Participating in discussions with the contractors as required by the section leaders and project managers;
  • Ensuring budget and cost control for each individual contract of the group in collaboration with the section leaders and project engineers.
  • LS - Logistics (section Leader: Patrick MUFFAT)
  • SIS - Site Services (section Leader: Véronique SOGNO)
  • SO - stores Operations, Catalogue and standardisation (section Leader: Cédric GARINO)